Community Involvement


Volunteering since 2008!

Our founder and CEO Jade Robinson, found her love of event management through her volunteer service with the American Cancer Society and the United Way! She shares her mission with the team to help create a great family business dynamic.

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    Whether the team was serving cocktails for a cause or hosting club nights to party with a purpose, the J.R. Events team started with small fundraisers and now provides support for large non-profit events. From quarterly volunteer initiatives as a team, to helping small businesses host their first grand opening, and supporting proms for small charter schools to help kids who come from back financial hardships there is no task too little or too big for the J.R. Events team!
    Email our non-profit event details today to see how the J.R. Events team can support your community activity. 

Through many years of service, our clients and non-profit partners include:

    United Way
    Clara White Mission
    Jacksonville Historical Society
    Spring Archives & Improvement Association
    Pedaling for Saftey - North Florida Bicycle Club
    MyCro School
    Mentoring Families and Kids Inc

Volunteer Memories